General Conditions


Terms and Conditions for Free Web Hosting Offer

Web Design VIP provides the free web hosting offer to their customers through punctual campaigns, with website building service subscription.

To enjoy our free hosting plan, customers have to:

1-Meet payment deadlines. If there is any delay in payment, the free web hosting plan can be suspended.

2-Avoid removing the follow link “Power by Web Design VIP” or “Web Design by Web Design VIP” and keep it visible in every website page.

a) The link removal cancels automatically the free web hosting plan. In this case, the customer must subscribe a web hosting plan from Web Design VIP or other company of his choice.

b) If the customer wants to host his site in another company, he must transfer his site from our hosting space within 48 hours. After 48 hours, the account is suspended and it is only reactivated after hosting service payment of the current month.

3-If there are conflicts between the customer and Web Design Low Cost, Web Design VIP can decide the cancellation of the free web hosting plan.

4-The cancellation of the free web hosting plan is irrevocable.

A Web Design VIP reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of Free Web Hosting Plan at any moment, without previous notice.